Our SeRvices

 No matter your goals, we have services that can be tailored to you

Do i need to be experienced?

CJBstrong does not just work with elite athletes, but we also guide beginners into the start of their journey. As long as you have access to a gym and a passion to improve then we can help you move forward! 

Can I pick my coach?

Should you wish to work with a specific coach on our team you may declare this and you will be assigned to that coach. We do however pride ourselves on the ability of all on our team, each coach is qualified and experienced to be able to support your needs. 

When can i start?

Should you decide to take on this next step we will need 5-7 days to get the information we require and have your program built subjectively for you. The sign up process can be started on our ‘services’ page.

How long would i need coaching for?

Some clients have been with us for years, others for a matter of months. Having a coach keeps individuals accountable, allows someone to handle the bigger picture while you execute the work and guide all elements of your training journey. Should you wish just to fix some technical faults you may find that 3-6months is enough to develop your lifting, however we pride ourselves on being able to help you make consistent and ongoing progress without limit.

What if I have an injury?

In our team we have educated and experienced injury practitioners. Callum has an MSc in Sports Rehabilitation and will either be hands on involved or consulted with regarding any issues you have. We are able to design programming around rehabilitation of your injuries, pre-habilitation of any possible concerns going forwards and should there be subjective limitations, the best possible means of progressing around the,.

What if I need to leave coaching?

Should your circumstance change or you feel coaching is not for you, all we ask is a months notice where possible. But there are never hard feelings! 

Can I swap between programming and coaching?

Absolutely, should you start with coaching and feel technically sound after a few months just let us know that you would like to move over to programming and we can start that at the next block. Similarly if you have chosen to start with programming only but find that this may require further guidance, then we can also move you over to coaching at the start of the next block.

Do I need 1-2-1 sessions?

Remote coaching allows us to work with you in greater details than 1-2-1 sessions allow. with remote coaching we are only a message away during sessions and around them, as opposed to a 1 hour slot. We also have access to all your training footage and give more detailed analysis of your technique through the footage we share. We also find that remote coaching allows for the client/athlete to develop as an individual. However! Should you choose that you do need the 1-2-1 we have coaches who work 1-2-1 for our brand and can be assigned to you.  



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